3 Steps of Acne care

Step 1 – Cleansing

Creamy Wash

  • Cleans Face by removing excess oil and dirt that blocks the pores.
  • Kills Acnegenic Bacteria in the pores.
  • Has Vitamin E and C that nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Directions of Use: Foam the Acnes Creamy Wash. Put the foam on the face and wash gently. Rinse the face with water.

Step 2 – fights acne bacteria

Sealing Gel

  • Kills Acnegenic Bacteria and prevents formation of further breakouts.
  • Controls excessive oil and unclogs pores.
  • Gives visibly clearer and smoother skin.

Directions of Use: Apply the gel on the pimple/acne.

Step 3 – fades dark spots

Scar Care

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fresh acne scars and dark spots.
  • Softens skin layer and gives smooth skin texture.

Directions of Use: Apply the gel on the dark spots/scars.

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